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Brown Flax Seeds

Brown Flax Seeds

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This high-quality and gluten free seed is loaded with Omega-3. You can enjoy its crunchy and nutty flavor to your recipes.

Shelf Life: 12 months


Health Nutrients

1. High in Omega-3.

2. Rich source of Lignans.

3. Contain high quality protein.

4. Good source of Dietary Fiber.

5. Great source of Protein.

Suggested Uses

1. Sprinkle Brown flax seed over your hot or cold cereal

2. Add them to cookie, muffin or bread

3. Add flax seeds to dressings, oatmeal bowls

4. Mixing them into your favorite yogurts or smoothies.

Shelf life and storage recommendation

Opened and unopened brown flax seeds last for 6-12 months in the pantry and 1 year in the fridge or freezer with its past printed date.

Store in an airtight container away from heat sources. Keep in a cool, and dry place or refrigerate.

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