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Dried Mixed Fruits (Jars)

Dried Mixed Fruits (Jars)

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Our best-selling Dried Mixed Fruits is the answer for people who never finishes a meal or snack without consuming fruits as part of their diet.

Packed with different delectable dried fruits and berries, fruit lovers can always satisfy their fruit cravings with every bite of the chewy bits of our palatable Dried Mixed Fruits.


Dried Cranberries, Dried Blueberries, Dried Goji Berries , Dried Strawberries and Golden Raisins

Shelf Life: 12 months




Dried Cranberries , Dried Blueberries, Dried Goji Berries , Dried Strawberries and Golden Raisins

Health Nutrients

Our Dried Mixed Nuts Contains the following Health Nutrients:
1. Fiber

2. Antioxidants.

3. Vitamin A.

4. Calcium.

5. Iron.

6. different types of Vitamin B such as riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B-6

Suggested Uses

1. Create a Fruity Greek Yogurt shake.

2. Add the Dried Mixed Fruits in your Fruit Acai Smoothies

3. Use as toppings to cakes, cupcakes, tarts, and ice cream.

4. Make a dried Mixed fruit trail mix.

5. Bake a dried mixed fruit pie.


Shelf life and storage recommendation

To maintain the quality of our mixed dried fruits, you should follow these following storage recommendation:

1. Once the pack is opened, transfer the dried fruits in compact, dry and air-tight containers. You can choose between canning jars, plastic freezer bags, plastic freezer containers with lids, vacuum sealable packages.

2. When transferring the dried fruits, always ensure that there are no gaps between each dried fruit.

3. Place the dried fruits in a cool dry place away from sunlight and heat.

4. To retain the product's quality for a year, place the mixed dried fruits in an environment with a maintained room temperature of 15.5 degrees celsius.

For about 6 months, place the mixed dried fruits in a storage place with a maintained room temperature of 26. 67 degrees Celsius.

Product Reminder: Packaging

Please note that the jar may not appear completely full due to packaging and transport processes. Rest assured, the weight of the mixed fruits inside is accurate. Thank you for your understanding!

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