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Oolong Premium Loose Leaf Tea

Oolong Premium Loose Leaf Tea

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It is a carefully selected premium Oolong tea that is semi-oxidized to give a yellow color cup with a smooth, sweet, fruity scent & subtle creamy taste.

Duration: 2-4 minutes
Temperature: 70C° No thermometer? Bring water to a boil, then cool for 2 minutes.
Amount: 2.5gm or 1 teaspoon per cup


If you like your tea brewed stronger or weaker, adjust the amount of tea leaves than what the brewing directions call for. Brewing your tea too long can extract an undesirable bitterness from the leaves
Loose leaf tea can typically be steeped multiple times. However, each steeping will yield a slightly lighter flavor than the previous.
To brew in a large teapot, increase the amount of loose leaf tea to match the total cups of water you’re using.
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