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Roasted Cashews (Split)

Roasted Cashews (Split)

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Debates on whether cashews should be consumed and enjoyed raw or roasted are now stories of the past, as science has shown that both can bring nutritional benefits to the body. And with these Roasted Cashews, dishes and desserts are even made more scrumptious because of that crisp and lightly caramelized taste these nuts bring.

Shelf Life : 12 months


Health Nutrients

1. Iron

2. Magnesium

3. Zinc

4. Copper

5. Phosphorus

Suggested Uses

1. Shakes or smoothies

2. raw brownies

3. cacao bar

4. snack bars

5. pastries

6. hot chocolate

7. baked goods

Whether eaten on its own, grinded to powder-like finish, or sprinkled over vegetables, breads and pastries or desserts, like cakes, brownies, pies, and ice creams, these popular tree nuts spread the same nutrients, assuring customers of the health benefits.

For those curious to flex their creativity in the dining room, Roasted Cashews can also be tried as dips or sauces, partnered with herbs and other spices.

Shelf life and storage recommendation

Incorporating Roasted Cashews into your meal plan? Keep them in an airtight container and place in a dry and cool place. Pantry shelf life can last up to six to nine months, while refrigerated.

Roasted Cashews can be consumed up to a year. Daily recommendation is at least 30 grams of cashew nuts (18 cashew nuts).

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