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Sweetened Matcha Powder (Pre-mix)

Sweetened Matcha Powder (Pre-mix)

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The Sweetened Matcha Powder (premix) is a modern version of the traditional Japanese green tea to easily add your other flavor mixings with no hassle. Our sweetened matcha powder is premixed with stevia sweetener which is perfect for on the go matcha drink mixture with no hassle.


Matcha powder, stevia sweetener

Shelf Life : 12 months



Matcha powder, stevia sweetener

Health Nutrients

1. Dietary fiber

2. Rich in antioxidants like catechins

3. Protein

4. Potassium


6. Calcium

7. L-theanine

Suggested Uses

1. Add the sweetened matcha powder premix as a sweetener alternative to brown and white sugar.

2. Include the matcha powder as an ingredient to your next healthy baking endeavors.

3. Create a sweet matcha flavored cake.

4. Pour it in your fruity acai smoothies

5. Make a matcha flavored dessert with it.

Shelf life and storage recommendation

1.Store your matcha powder in a dry, odorless and clean air tight container inside the fridge.

2.Do not place the matcha powder in the freezer as it creates moisture when you thaw them.

3. To prolong its quality, place the matcha powder in an airtight vacuum container and put away from the sun and heat.

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