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Tri-color Quinoa

Tri-color Quinoa

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Imported from Peru

Certified USDA and EU Organic

Found in some parts of South America, a tri-color quinoa is a mix of white, brown and black quinoa which are commonly used as a substitute to rice. As they are seeds in nature, Quinoa is also called a pseudo grain and become a superfood that every health conscious consumer love and enjoys.


Mix of white, brown and black quinoa seeds sourced from Peru

Shelf Life : 12 months



Mix of white, brown and black quinoa seeds sourced from Peru

Health Nutrients

1. Fiber

2. Magnesium


Suggested Uses

Quinoa is can be enjoyed by just simply cooking it and be a rice substitute or repurpose it with the following suggested uses:

1. Use Quinoa as a stuffing to your favorite vegetarian meal like a black bean, mushroom and quinoa stuffed peppers

2. Add it as a veggie patty ingredient for your veggie burger

Shelf life and storage recommendation

Quinoa's shelf life depends on how you handle and prep the product well for storage. For longer shelf life, here are the following storing tips that you should follow:

For uncooked Quinoa:

Place the quinoa in an airtight container and put it in cool dry area to prolong its shelf life for about a year.

For Cooked Quinoa:

1. Transfer the cooked quinoa into an airtight container and put it in the fridge for five days.

2. To prolong the shelf life for a month, you can put the cooked quinoa in the freezer and freeze it for a month.

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